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Real estate for the people

The industry thinks you can’t be trusted to buy or sell a home without representation. We think the opposite. We think you can — and should — have all the power, without a bunch of go-betweens that make the process slow and expensive.

So we built the most transparent, intelligent, and cost-effective real estate platform in the known cosmos. For the newbie. For the pro. For everyone in between.

A solid foundation.


Before Akord, there was Blake, a guy who bought and sold a handful of homes on his own. He slogged through all the manual, convoluted processes, but always felt there had to be a better way. Then he met Matt, and together they engineered precisely that — a waaaaay better way that made transacting real estate super easy and, dare we say, delightful?


Our founding team spans over two decades of entrepreneurship, software engineering at the highest levels of cybersecurity and defense, and the full gamut of real estate experience. We’re building the product that we personally want to use, and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Join Us.

Our nimble team is growing, and we’re constantly on the lookout for people who love to solve big problems and think the real estate industry is ripe for major change.

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